Dog Sled Rides of Winter Park

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Winter Dog Sled Rides
Winter Dog Sled Rides are rides where the customers sit in a dog sled, our professional guides drive the sled, and the dogs pull the sled on our private trail system. They are usually available from about Thanksgiving to Easter. The opening and closing dates are determined by weather, and there is nothing we can do to change that.
Dog Powered Cart Rides
Dog Powered Cart Rides are rides where the customers sit in a retired golf cart, our professional guides stand on the back and offer driving suggestions, and the dogs pull the cart on our private trail system. One customer in each cart has the opportunity to steer and use the brake. They are available almost anytime we can not drive sleds.

A fall training cart ride.

Dog Sled Ride vs Dog Powered Cart Rides
While a dog sled ride and dog cart ride are different, they are also quite similar. Check out the comparison table on our comparison page.
Kennel Tours
Kennel Tours are available anytime we are not too busy providing rides. This is usually in the morning from April through November. During the tour guests have the opportunity to ask as many questions as they can while the guide shows them around the kennel area and discusses just about every aspect of the dog sledding business. Of course there is time to interact with the dogs at the end of the tour. All rides leave from the kennel area, and guests have are able to see the whole kennel area, so it is not necessary to reserve both a ride and a kennel tour.
In the winter when we are doing sled rides all day, we don't have the time to do full kennel tours. You can still come visit the dogs though. No reservations required, just show up when a ride is returning, and the guest wrangler will give you a mini-tour as they bring you back to the staging area to pet and take pictures with the dogs who just pulled sleds. This page will help you figure out what time of day that is.
Virtual Kennel Tours
Virtual Kennel Tours follow the same basic structure of a regular kennel tour, except you can partake from anywhere in the world. We utilize Google Hangouts to bring the experience of a kennel tour to you when you are unable to come in person.
Kennel Handler Experience
The Kennel Handler Experience allows the guest to have a hands-on experience where they get to do all the chores our dog sled drivers do. Yes, this includes picking up the dog waste from the dog yard. This tour is designed for the true dog lover, as it offers the most contact with our dogs.

A sled dog in training.