Dog Sled Rides of Winter Park

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Guest Comments

These comments have been transcribed from our guest book or copied from emails. You can see more guest feedback on our Facebook page.

Hi my friend and I went dogsleding with you folks this past Saturday. We were the two girls who could not stop laughing and giggling. We had a blast and considered it one of the best experiences in a long while. I want to thank the dogs who were friendly, happy and exteremly well taken care of. I was happy to see the dogs so happy and eager to get out there. Thank you so much hope to see you all soon.
-Two giggling girls from Broomfield, CO

My family and I were in Winter Park over Christmas. We were able to experience a once in a lifetime event when we rode on the dogsleds. Thank you for one of the most surreal, peaceful, and awesome experiences of our life!
-Dawn and Geoff LaGary

I just wanted to thank you for the kennel tour on Monday, August 13th. We all really enjoyed the tour and meeting all the dogs. We also appreciated all the information and advice; it was very helpful... Thanks so much!!
The Voelker's

"We had SO much fun! Ari still remembers Joker, she loves her very much."
-The Lings

"Alex and I did a lot of things while on our trip, but dog sledding was at the top of the list. Keep up the good work."
-Robert Mendelson

"My dog sled ride was the last item to cross off my list of "must do before I die." I've wanted to do this since I was 5-10 years old, listening to Sgt. Preston of the Yukon and his Wonder Dog King. My pictures are my treasure. Your dogs were well fed, and I must say I enjoyed them so very much. Please give Bell a hug for me. She almost went home with me. Every time I'm in the Winter Park area, I'll come see you. I have friends who ski there each year, and I gave them detailed information about you."
-Sue M.

"We had a great time. We suggested the ride to others, and have received positive feedback. We will visit again."
-Bob Watson

"Many of your dogs have really foul asses, but they were one of the highlights of my winter!"

"We have been on your sled rides 4 times, total. One year we brought 9 of our family for the ride. They still talk about it I promise we will see you next time we are there."
-Charlotte Kennedy.

"We had great time and we hope to come back next winter.
-The eskreis family (New York)

"We have told everyone about your dog sled rides there, and how that was one of the highlights of our trip to 'Winter Park. We really enjoyed the experience! We are hoping to return there this summer sometime, and if we do, we will plan on stopping in again. Thank you again for the wonderful and informative experience!"
-Paula Schmit and kids

"We had a great time. Will look for you the next time we head to WinterPark"
-Bill & Brenda Waswick

"We've been at least three times now and really love it."