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Dog Sled Rides vs. Dog Cart Rides

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Our dogs love to pull, so it doesn't matter what is behind them. We have hooked up all kinds of things behind our dogs including:


The main vehicles we use for providing rides to guests are a sled and a cart. The table below shows the similarities and differences.

 Dog Sled RideDog Cart Ride
Picture A sled pulled by huskys at Dog Sled Rides of Winter Park. A cart pulled by huskys at Dog Sled Rides of Winter Park.
FunOf course!You betcha!
Do kids like it? Absolutely! Yes siree! Maybe a little more because of the bumps.
Weight limit350 pounds most of the time.450 pounds most of the time.
Maximum occupancy One to three. The sleds are best for two adults. One to four. The carts are designed for two adults.
Number of dogs Five to twelve. Mostly eight or nine Eight to sixteen. Mostly twelve.
Guest participation Guests are passengers and remain seated. We provide a professional guide. One guest uses the steering wheel and brake. The guide stands behind and offers instruction.
The feel Very smooth most of the time. Recent wind or thin trail can make the ride a little bumpier. A little bumpy all of the time, and can be pretty darn bumpy when there is melting, spring snow.
Good for views? Yes. When the snow covers the ground, our property and surrounding mountains are very beautiful. Yes. We still have amazing views from the cart, but the exposed ground on our property is less appealing.
Good for wildlife viewing? Sort of. There are fewer animals in winter, and they don't cooperate by standing near the trail all the time. Kinda. The animals we see in summer and fall travel more in herds, so there is a better chance to see more animals from a cart.
Good for proposals? Yes. Sort of.

Here is a cart ride on snow from November 2011. See more videos here.

Reservations are required for all services. You must have a major credit card to pay a 50% or 100% deposit at the time of booking.

You can see a checklist of what it takes to get ready, perform, and clean up after a summer, dog-powered cart ride here.

Call (970) 387-8326 or click here to schedule the experience of a lifetime.

Risks and Rules

If you are coming for a ride with us, it is helpful to read our risks and rules before you show up. We will review these with you before your trip, but if you already know them, your time with us will be safer and more enjoyable. Also below is a waiver. If you have a large group coming, it is helpful to have the liability waiver signed by everyone before you show up as well. It saves a little check-in time.