Dog Sled Rides of Winter Park

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What to Wear

Wear clothing that you would expect to wear if you were going skiing. This includes:

  1. Warm hat
  2. Warm gloves/mittens
  3. Warm socks inside warm boots (not ski boots!)
  4. Warm layers (long underwear, shirt, sweater, jacket)
  5. Glasses or goggles are required. We have a limited supply of them for you to borrow.

On the coldest days you may find these items helpful:

  1. Face mask or scarf
  2. Hand and toe warmers
  3. More layers

Be sure to bring your camera (still or video). There are many chances to take action shots and capture great scenery!

What if I Don't Have These Clothes?

Many people who go on our ride do not have clothing like this. One option is to rent winter gear. A great choice for renting clothes is the company Get Outfitted.

What Do Mushers Wear?

Mushers are very hard on clothes and equipment, and they are outside for up to ten hours each day. You can see what we recommend to our mushers here.