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Working with sleddogs is fun and rewarding. Of all the jobs I've had, it is the most demanding physically and at times mentally. We made the choice to start working with these animals in 1996, and would make that decision again in a heartbeat.

Job status: 1 opening for 2017-2018

The musher position is available from November through early to mid April. There are many duties encompassing all aspects of dog care and customer service. The average day is about 8.75 hours long. We have openings for three to six days per week. The position is physically demanding requiring quickness, strength, and quick decision making.

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Guest Wrangler
Job status: 1 opening for 2017-2018

The Guest Wrangler position is very diverse. It is about thirty hours a week. Duties include checking guests in, checking guests out, selling merchandise, taking reservations over the phone and computer, and miscellaneous duties at the trailhead.

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