Dog Sled Rides of Winter Park

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Dog Sled Ride Staff, 2013-2014

Info about Mushers and Driving

This Year's Mushers
What do Drivers Wear
Staying warm and protected from the elements is very important. This is a head to toe guide of what we recommend.
Driving Directives
We strive to provide fun and exciting rides while being safe. The safety part of the equation comes from following a few basic driving directives.

WARNING: the driving instructions contain two profain words.

Mushers by Season
This page is a list of all the mushers for each of the seasons since 2000-2001. It also shows the number of trips we had in each season, and the number of trips completed by each musher.
Mushers by Career
This page is a list of all the mushers we have ever had. It is ordered by the number of trips they drove for us.