Dog Sled Rides of Winter Park

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Two guests loaded in the sled.

Occupancy, Weight, Height, Age Restrictions

Max Occupancy

Sleds (on snow in winter): 3 people
Carts (on dry ground, not winter): 4 people

Both sleds and carts are designed for two adults. You can add additional people up to the maximum listed above and also subject to the weight and height restrictions described below.

Weight Limit

Sleds (on snow in winter): 350 pounds or 158.7 kilograms or 25 stone
Carts (on dry ground, not winter): 450 pounds or 204 kgs or 32 stone

The weight limit applies to the combined weight of all the riders in a single sled (or cart). The weight limit does not apply to the weight of the sled and driver, just the guests.

Please be aware that winter clothing can add as much as 15 pounds per person.

Weight Limit Violations

If you weigh in over our weight limit, one of the following will apply:

  1. One or more persons in your party will not be able to ride. This is more likely to occur on warm or snowy or windy days.
  2. If we feel it is safe to accommodate your weight, you will be charged $1 per pound that you are over our current weight limit. This option is more likely on colder, calm wind days.

As a guest, you do not get to choose which option we apply.

Height Limit

Sleds (on snow in winter): If there are three people in the sled, the third person must be 48 inches or 1.21 meters tall or shorter
Carts (on dry ground, not winter): No limits really

Why is There a Weight Limit

In general, the more weight in the sled, the more dogs required to pull that weight. We do not have an unlimited number of dogs. We keep enough dogs to handle fifteen, near weight limit sleds on good trail conditions.

Driving a dog sled takes skill. The more weight that is in the sled, the more power is required to keep the sled moving, and the more skill that is required from the guide to control that power. We are comfortable with the amount of power and skill required to pull 350 pounds of guests.

Age Limit

Sleds (on snow in winter): 8 months
Carts (on dry ground, not winter): No limits really

The ride is a sedentary activity that people of all ages can enjoy. The ride is also completely outside and the guests will experience the weather as it happens and the trail conditions as they exist. In most circumstances, the ride is suitable for people between the ages of one and eighty. In perfect conditions the ride is suitable for people between six months and one hundred. In poor conditions the ride is barely suitable for our professional guides and dogs.

Other Restrictions

Our rides are fairly gently and accessible to most people most of the time. If you have any of the following conditions, however, you may want to reconsider our rides or consult a doctor (who will say don't go on the ride) or a trusted confidant.