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A sled pulled by huskys at Dog Sled Rides of Winter Park.

Dynamic Pricing

The demand for dog sled rides is incredibly variable. The majority of the calendar year, the demand is so low that we do not generate enough money to pay for all the many supplies and services that it takes to care for the dogs and kennel. In some parts of the year, the demand is so high that it would take three times the number of dogs and staff to fill the demand. We have two primary goals here at Dog Sled Rides of Winter Park:

  1. Give the experience of a dog sled ride to as many people as possible
  2. Generate enough money to make a living and properly care for the dogs.

In order to balance our goals, we settled on dynamic pricing.

What Does that Mean for Me?

Dynamic pricing at Dog Sled Rides of Winter Park The main factor that determines how we change the price of a sled is the current demand versus the historical demand. If you are reserving a sled for a date that has high historical demand (like the second half of December and the middle of March), you are going to pay a little more than if you come on a day with low historical demand (like the first half of December and mid week in January).

Our pricing algorithm is invoked every hour, so if a day is experiencing unusual demand, the price will increase. If a day is lagging in what we would expect demand for that day should be, the price will decrease. It is quite possible that you will see the price change for a date more than once a day.

What is the Price Multiplier on Each Day?

To see what the price multiplier is for each day of the winter season, click here.

Who Uses Dynamic Pricing?

Dynamic pricing at Dog Sled Rides of Winter Park Dynamic pricing is all around us and is used by many companies in many industries including these companies: