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The Dogs

Lists and Tables

The Dogs
This page is a list of all the dogs that currently live here. Most of the things that we know about each dog are displayed, such as birthdate, age, calorie consumption, litter, parents, value, etc.
Exercise Groups
When we are not busy, we turn the dogs loose in the exercise yard. To ensure a good time for all, we have to engineer the groups such that everyone gets along. Exercise groups are fairly static, staying about the same from year to year. In general, each group is either boys or girls.
Harness Sizes
The dogs are all different sizes, and it is important that they wear the correct size harness for their body. We have nine basic harness lengths: XS through 5XL. Within each size there are some minor variations. Some dogs are more round, some are more sleek, some have huge heads etc. There are harness variations to fit the dog variations. The variations are not labeled, you just have to know the harness and know what dog it suits.
Food Consumption
This is the report we look at to figure out how much food to order each week. We frequently update this report by changing the number of calories that each dog to currently consuming. Calorie consumption changes throughout the year depending on the temperature and activity level. We then convert the number of calories per dog into a number of bags per day and per week. We can also figure out how much money we are spending for each dog per year and then the total dollars spent per year on feeding.
Rides per Day
This report is a snapshot of our potential output. It shows the runs per day, age, cost, and most recent performance report for each dog. We use this report to see how many sleds per day we can handle. During the summer and fall, we look forward with this report to see if we need to acquire more dogs before the season starts.
Dog Ages/Litters
It's kind of nice to know the age of each dog and who they are related to. Follow this link to see all the ages of the dogs and what litter they came from.
Master Team List
During the winter, we print out this report everyday. We can integrate the list with the reservation data to show the names, weights and home states of all the customers on that day. It allows the drivers to have a better idea of how much weight they will be pulling that day and gives them a heads up in thinking of ways to shift dogs around if there are heavy time slots. The report also shows the average age of the dogs on each team as well as the harness profile. The harness profile is the long number that tells the driver how many of each size harness they need to get in order to harness the dogs.
Biting Fly Control
The flies come out in summer. It is just something we have to deal with, and to keep the flies off the dogs, we use Flys Off ointment.

Graphs and Maps

Graph of Dog Ages
This page shows a graph of the number of dogs we have at each age. It is separated by sex.
Map of Dog Ages
This is a graphical map of the dog yard showing the dogs' names and how old they are.
Map of Dog Gender
This is a graphical map of the dog yard showing the dogs' names and whether they are boy/girl and intact/altered.
Map of the dog yard
Google map with the actual location of all the dog houses. Click on a house to see who lives there and see some info about each dog.
Feeding Map
This is a graphical map of the dog yard showing the dogs' names and how much total food they need per day.
Morning Feeding Map
This is a graphical map of the dog yard showing the dogs' names and how much food they need for the morning feeding.
Evening Feeding Map
This is a graphical map of the dog yard showing the dogs' names and how much food they need for the evening feeding.
Exercise Group Map
This is a graphical map of the dog yard showing the dogs' names and what exercise group they are in.

My Tax Dollars Hard at Work

Here are some links that show my tax dollars hard at work. And remember, all corporate taxes are paid by consumers.

PACFA Rules on Lexis Nexis or State of Colorado Website
If you actually read this, you will wonder why there are no rules that are designed for sled dog kennels. I wonder that too. Instead of having rules that apply to our situation, we are lumped into the Dog Breeder Small Scale category.
Inspection Report
Every once in a while, an inspector comes out to poke around. They make sure we are following the rules in the above document and make sure the dogs look OK.
PACFA License
If the inspection goes well, and all of the paper work is filled out, and my check clears, I get a nifty little license to hang on the wall and post on the website.
Exercise Plan
According to one of the rules in the above link, we are required to submit an annual exercise plan for each of our dogs. Follow the link to see the description of our plan and the specific exercise plans for each individual dog.
Tethering Waiver
We are licensed as a Small Breeder operation (along with all the other sled dog kennels in the state), because the state does not have a sled dog touring operation category. Northern breed dogs used for pulling sleds are typically kept tethered in a yard when not exercising and there is not provision for that in our licensing category. We therefore have to apply for a tethering waiver each year.

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