Dog Sled
Rides of
Winter Park

Status of Services

Sled Ride Status: Open for sled rides almost everyday by reservation only.

Trail conditions: Early winter conditions. Light snow coverage with occasional obstacles.

Kennel Tour Status: Open by special arrangement in the afternoon after the rides are finished for the day.

Cart Ride Status: Closed. We are running sleds.

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Upcoming birthdays

  • Pilgrim will be 9 on November 25th
  • Casper will be 7 on November 30th
  • Soccer will be 11 on December 21st
  • Jimi Hendrix will be 11 on December 23rd
  • Gus will be 14 on December 31st
  • Vinny will be 6 on January 10th
  • Horton will be 6 on January 10th
  • Michyla will be 14 on January 17th
  • Prissila will be 8 on January 27th
  • Gabbie will be 8 on January 27th

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All Groupons Have Expired

Thanks for your interest in our dog sled rides and for purchasing a groupon. We're sorry you are not able to use the groupon during the promotional period.

According to the terms on the groupon, you may use your groupon as a $92 voucher towards any of our services. For example, if the ride you choose costs $190, you can use the groupon as $92 and owe a balance of $98.

To take advantage of this offer make your reservation here.

Reservations are required for all services. You must have your groupon number and barcode at the time of booking.

Risks and Rules

If you are coming for a ride with us, it is helpful to read our risks and rules before you show up. We will review these with you before your trip, but if you already know them, your time with us will be safer and more enjoyable. Also below is a waiver. If you have a large group coming, it is helpful to have the liability waiver signed by everyone before you show up as well. It saves a little check-in time.